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Posted on Sep 11, 2018


Our small Family combined Dairies, Frisia Dairy and TUNaWERTH are operated by our son Tjeerd-Pieter and mine husband Peter. Our Creamery TUNaWERTH by our son Eelke Durk and I (Anita)

Our dairy is operating as ALL NATURAL. Only one step away to call organic. Which means our Cows (Jersey / Holsteins) are fed Grass and an ALL NATURAL feed mix.
Our Milk is free of rBST and antibiotics.
To ensure a great quality of Milk, Yogurt and Cheese’s we take good care of our cows
We milk our Cows twice a day. Early in the morning the milk is brought to the Creamery to make fresh products for our customers.
Our MILK is LOW Pasteurize , means eliminating harmful micro-organisms but leaving valuable enzymes untouched. Our Yogurt is made from whole milk and the 4 lives culture
Enjoy our Farm fresh products.
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